About Me

Hi I'm Katie — a jack of all sports. I'm Katie a former UK national athlete and International trainer. I work with clients from all over the world offering private training and I also custom design personalised training and nutritional plans as well as writing training guides and seminar videos. 

I train clients at my gym here in Mexico at Tulum Jungle gym where I provide one to one personal training, large group circuits & strength and conditioning sessions for both men and women, including my own signature Booty Boot Camp class every Thursday morning at 9.00am.

For those clients not fortunate to train with me face to face I provide online coaching for body transformation and performance . Programs are tailored to suit your needs, time availability, equipment access and nutritional requirements. My programs and training sessions get results if you put the hard work in. Sessions are always challenging but fun you will be covered in sweat but also with a massive smile on your face and an ever bigger sense of achievement, for further information see https://www.katietrainsalot.com/products

As well as my customised training and nutrition plans I have a number of Fitness ebooks and programs available to purchase and download here https://www.katietrainsalot.com/products-ebooks-and-plans-1

I host training camps here in Mexico and in other countries across the globe. I offer bespoke custom training weekends and fitness retreats for groups and individuals here in Mexico as well as flying around the world to train clients where ever they may want me.  Contact me here to find out more katietrainsalot@icloud.com

I’ve competed nationally as an athlete for many years as a professional gymnast, ironman triathlete and sprint swimmer. I hold a black belt in kick boxing and I recently qualified for the national power lifting championships after coming 2nd in my weight category. I am constantly seeking new challenges to keep things fresh.

I love learning a new sport from scratch, getting good at it, and then competing and winning medals before moving onto the next. I eat, sleep and breathe training. It’s my meditation. It grounds and focuses me. My days are spent training clients, training myself, writing articles, creating programs and expanding my platform, always educating clients and promoting a healthy lifestyle via my  social media along the way. 

I enjoy meeting new people, traveling around the world training, meeting new people and working with clients to make their sessions fun and unique so that they can enjoy training as much as I do. My life is all about training and motivating others to do the same. I love challenging both myself and my clients to be the best that they can be, to push themselves and to really see what they are capable of both mentally and physically. 

In addition to being a trainer and coach I am also a qualified yoga instructor & Thai and deep tissue Masseuse. I also provide private group training at Tulum Jungle Gym or at your villa or hotel, I’ve hosted a few wedding party workouts, birthday  circuits with lots of fun and games, bachelorette and bachelor fitness classes some even on the day of the wedding.

If you’re looking for something more than an hour-long workout, I can also work with you to custom make bootcamp weekends/weeks or fitness vacations for you, your family, friends &  colleagues. You can stay at a luxury villa or hotel in town, workout on vacation, and then spend the day having a relaxing massage and soaking up the Caribbean sun. 

I have worked with a number of TV production companies who’ve come down to film at Tulum Jungle Gym, including MTV UK, MTV Mexico,  and clothing brands. I work with a number of fitness photographers who come to do shoots with fitness models in Tulum and I also collaborate with clothing and fitness brands to promote products that I am passionate about.  

I also write articles for magazines… such as Strong and Fitness Magazine which you can check out here. Have spoken on a number of fitness pod casts and I’m the middle of producing a second series of training eBooks and spending the rest of my time working out or traveling.

My Training Style

I work with complete beginners, Crossfit athletes, fitness models, gym lovers and sports athletes looking to enhance their performance, lose weight, increase muscle size or generally who want to improve their fitness levels or recover from injury. My training style combines functional, strength and conditioning training in a unique and fun way, mixed with cardio HIIT (high intensity interval training), plyometrics, body weight, weight lifting and mixed martial arts. My sessions are an hour in length but can be extended if need be. They can be both gruelling or relaxed depending on your specific needs, and they will always be challenging, motivational, positive and fun where you will be well supported to avoid injury and coached on the correct technique.  

My Workout ‘Toolkit’ Includes:

  • Body Weight Training

  • Functional Training

  • Weights Training

  • Power Lifting

  • HIIT Training

  • Fat Burning

  • Endurance Conditioning

  • Agility

  • Core

  • Booty and Glute Building

  • Boxing

  • Kick Boxing

  • Kettle Bell and TRX

Workout benefits are custom tailored to suit your goals:

  • Improve cardio output

  • Sculpt and build

  • Lose Weight

  • Recover from Injury

  • Boost the booty

  • Improve lifting technique

  • Optimize and improve performance

  • Increase strength and conditioning

  • Improve your mobility