Come and Train With Me!

Hola! The sun, sand, surf and one of the best workouts of your life awaits you in Tulum. I’ll look forward to creating a workout that is what you want—and need! You’ll love the unique setting of Tulum’s Jungle Gym.  It’s an experience that won’t disappoint. Whether you want a one-on-one personal training session, a group class, booty boot camp, fitness retreat, or an online training program if you can’t make it in person or want to continue training with me after you leave Tulum, come train with me! And when you’re done, enjoy a Thai or Deep Tissue Massage!

My Class Schedules can be found at Tulum Jungle Gym’s website, or to book any of the above services with me, please contact me directly. WhatsApp is my preferred contact method to provide you with the most responsive reply:

WHATSAPP +521 9841363226   E MAIL:

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working out with you, whether it’s in Tulum or anywhere else in the world!