Online Body Transformation and Nutrition Programs

I sell a variety of monthly training programs catered to suite you body composition & performance goals with a number of different packages depending on the level of service you want from me. Whether you want to lose weight, transform your body, improve your strength & performance or compete in an event my online plans are the perfect way to achieve this.

I offer one-off monthly payment plan packages depending on how many hours a week you have to train, your abilities, fitness back round, injuries, lifestyle and goals.

Plans can be gym or home based with programs designed depending on the facilities and equipment you have access too. We will have weekly checkins to review your progress & to discuss any problems or changes you are facing. You will have my full support as a coach to help guide and motivate you along the way, I want you to succeed in meeting your goal and be the person who leads you to get there.

My monthly nutrition plans are designed to enable you to reach your goals with weekly support and checkins. The plans are designed around your current body composition, dietary requirements and needs. They are macro based but allow for flexible meal choices and variety. With our checkins I am able to make adjustments to your plan depending on how you are progressing.

As with both plans you are provided with around the clock coaching support from me, video demonstrations for all the exercises and stretches as well as access constant motivation and guidance to get you to where you need to be.

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Training plans

You will be sent a questionnaire with which your answers will be used to compose a 4 week training plan designed specifically for you.

Plans depend on your needs, goals, level, hours you have available to train and time frame we are working with. Sessions can cover Met Con workouts, Power lifting, weight training, running, cycling, triathlon as well as accessories, activation and stretching.

I also run 6, 8 and 12 week training blocks for those looking to improve performance and compete , if this is something your interested in you can contact me for a consultation and pricing.

The cost of a 4 week plan is $200 for a one off plan. Please contact me for further details if looking to purchase on a monthly basis for a minimum of 3 months or more.

Nutrition plans

I also offer customised nutrition plans that consist of daily macros, meal plans and a healthy eating guide. The macros will be tailored specifically for your body type, weight and goals. I will send out an initial questionnaire and then base your plans around that. We constantly review and tweak your plan each month depending on your progress & energy levels with an end of month consultation as well.

The cost of the plan is $150 payable monthly at the start of each month.

Nutrition and Training

4 week training and nutrition plan with weekly checkins

The cost of the two combined is $250 monthly based on a minimum of 3 months or $300 if purchased as a one off plan.

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To discuss the programs above contact me on my email below and start the process of your body transformation today….



Get the Body and Conditioning you want with 1or all of my custom ebooks and programs

Fit in 60 challenge

This is a 60 day body transformation program consisting of 5 hour long workouts a week for 8 weeks. This program is designed to burn fat whilst helping you to gain lean muscle it can be used by both men and women and combines HIIT, cardio, functional and weighted workouts designed to give you the body you have dreamed of.

The plan comes with a healthy eating guide as well as meal plan and shopping list.

You well get access to videos of all the workouts online and be able to contact me throughout the program for advice and tips.

I have both an at home version of the plan where you will only need access to Dumbbells and a Kettle bell. Or a gym based version which will incorporate all the equipment you find in the gym.

I've also provided you with activation exercises, warm up stretches, heart raisers and cool down stretches for this ultimate transformation plan.

For every exercise and stretch I've provided a video for you to follow to see exactly how it should be done. 

This program also allows you to mix up your sessions and plan to fit it around your daily lives.
These workouts have been tried and tested by many of my clients that I work face to face with on a daily basis either as part of a group fitness session or individually. 

My sessions are challenging, unique and fun, all with my individual twist on them. See below my reviews on my testimonials page from hundreds of happy clients I have worked with over the years. 

I'm so confident in my program that I'm offering 30 day money back guarantee so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.   

What you will get 

A downloadable PDF

Video demonstrations

Warm up and Cool down stretches 

Activation exercises 

Heart raiser routines 

HIIT work outs

S & C sessions

Weighted workouts

The cost of the plan is just $75

Once you have purchased my plan you will receive and email with the program and healthy eating guide that you can down load with 24 hours.

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I have two ebooks available to download and purchase all come with video demonstrations of all the exercises and stretches.  

Katies Booty Bootcamp  

The Booty Bootcamp Challenge is an 8-week program tailored to both men and women looking for stronger glute activation when lifting and competing as well as a way to get a bigger and firmer butt. 

My Booty Program has a variety of exercises and training intensity variations to challenge your booty so that your muscle development doesn't plateau. There are overloading training techniques, speed variations to hit both the slow twitch and fast twitch muscles fibres. This challenge uses a series of different repetition ranges, set variations and equipment to stimulate growth, as well as a list of glute activation exercises using hip circles to activate, stimulate blood flow and grow the muscle fibres.  With a mixture of isolation, activation and compound exercises that keep your body guessing, you will see a dramatic transformation in the strength, size and shape of your bum at the end of the 8 weeks.

You can do all the best butt exercises in the world but building a beautiful, strong and shapely booty is all about activation and isolation. This lower body boot camp is designed to sculpt your butt by combining body weight, free weights, resistance bands, plyometrics, functional and isolation exercises that target all the muscles needed to build a bigger booty and lift that butt. If you want a workout that's fun, energetic crafts the booty shape you crave and leaves you unable to sit down for days then Katie’s Booty Boot Camp is the workout for you.

What you can expect

Week 1 and 2 focuses on both isolation and activation using both slow and fast twitch muscle fibres to get maximum growth.

Week 3 and 4 will see you increasing weight and using different variations of Rep ranges, super sets and AMRAP. 

Week 5 and 6 you will be adding more functional and compound exercises into the workouts to stop your body from plateauing as well as adding in some more advanced and longer training sessions.

Week 7 and 8 is all about strength and power to really break down those muscle fibres and build a stronger and bigger butt.

What you will get 

A downloadable 8 week easy to follow plan

Video demonstrations of all the exercises and stretches

Warm up and Cool down stretches 

Activation and isolation exercises

Take the challenge and watch your glutes development.

Stick to the program and your guaranteed to get the results you want.

Purchase the challenge today for just $50 and watch that booty grow

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Katie’s Metabolic Conditioning Program

My program gives you 20 hard hitting functional met-con workouts that will ultimately burn fat and improve your cardiovascular performance. It uses structural and compound exercises that require maximum amounts of energy. These high-intensity metabolic workouts are designed to push your cardiovascular performance, burn fat and improve your endurance, speed and conditioning.  

This program is for everyone from beginners to those with intermediate to advance fitness levels. This program will help those looking to improve work capacity, body composition, speed up recovery time and see progression within a few weeks.

The functional element of this program will help you to build your upper, lower body and core strength and will improve your push, pull, explosiveness, speed and power, the sessions are hard but fun and uniquely put together by myself through years of testing with clients i’ve trained face to face at my training facilities and camps.

You will need access to:


Kettle Bells

Med balls 



Bar bell

Dumb bells 

Skipping rope

Battle rope


Spin bike


This program is not for beginners but for those with intermediate to advance fitness levels with knowledge of proper exercise technique who are able to modify exercises if need be. This program will help those looking to improve work capacity, body composition, speed up recovery time and see progression in their performance. 

What you will get 

20 downloadable metabolic workouts

Video demonstrations

Access to my email should you need to ask any questions 

A burn like you’ve never felt before  

Purchase the workouts today for just $25 and be prepared to sweat

Kristenlonie Swimwear 

Luxury designer Swimwear Handmade in Australia

I’m pleased to be an affiliate of these beautiful figure flattering bikinis made by Australian designer and fitness model Kristen Lonie. They come in a variety of colours, prints and shapes.

Perhaps you want a booty­flattering Brazilian bikini or a something a little less micro cut to show off that beautiful beach body in the most bootylicious way. 

I absolutely love these bikinis!  They are designed perfectly to show of your curves in all the right places and cater to many different body shapes and sizes. Take a look, ladies! I promise you'll not be disappointed with these beach body gems.

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