Private Training

My private training sessions are an hour in length and are tailored to suit your needs whether you are looking to work on your cardio, build your booty, or improve your lifting technique, endurance, strength or performance. I will work with you to ensure that you reach your goals in a unique and fun way. No two sessions will ever be the same. I will push you as far as you need to be pushed while correcting your form when needed. I’ll get that last rep out of you and motivate you to push your physical barriers so that you leave with a massive smile on your face and an even bigger sense of achievement. I love what I do and I want you to love our sessions. Passing on my skills and expertise to my clients is something I am passionate about, as well as supporting clients to reach their goals and watching them develop and grow. Check out videos of some of our workouts here

Private Training Sessions Can Include:

  • Body Weight Training

  • Functional Training

  • Weights Training

  • Power Lifting

  • HIIT Training

  • Fat Burning

  • Endurance Conditioning

  • Agility

  • Core

  • Booty and Glute Building

  • Boxing

  • Kick Boxing

  • TRX & Kettle Bells

Surf, sand, sun and fitness fun!  I can custom-tailor a workout that is perfect for you and your fitness goals...all while keeping it FUN.


Private training sessions can take place at Tulum Jungle Gym, your hotel, Villa or one of the gyms in town. Please refer to my Trip Advisor page for reviews of my training.

***Private training sessions start at $120 USD per person but pricing depends upon the number of people, location and type of training required. Booking 2–5 days ahead is recommended.***  


Online Coaching Packages

I offer tailor-made monthly training packages online that are designed to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your strength, endurance, or cardio output, compete in an event, build a bigger booty or transform your body, my online plans are the perfect way to achieve this. Please see my training plans page for a full description and pricing of what i have to offer

I offer both one-off monthly and 3 monthly training and nutritional plans depending on your body and health goals, how many hours a week you have to train and what type of equipment/facilities you have access to. I also custom design the plans myself tailored just for you after sending out an initial questionnaire.

***If online coaching is something you’re interested in, please contact me today so we can start you on your transformation journey to the ultimate version of you.*** 

Group Training/Classes & Booty Boot Camps

I currently coach a number of classes at Tulum Jungle Gym including the circuit classes and my own signature bum class called Booty Boot Camp. This class is a lower body boot camp that combines body weight, free weights, resistance bands, and plyometrics with functional and isolation exercises that target all of the muscles needed to build a bigger booty, stronger hamstrings and quads. This is also a great class for athletes looking for ways to activate and strengthen their glutes in order to improve their performance in their chosen sport. If your suffer from weak glute activation, this class would be perfect for you.

Utilizing unique resistance band isolation exercises combined with compound exercises with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and plyometrics boxes, this class will target all of the muscles in the power body and leave you unable to sit down for days!  The outcome is that you’ll be left with a firmer and stronger booty! Please see reviews of my class on Trip Advisor or check out videos of some of our workouts here.  

***My signature Booty Boot Camps at Tulum Jungle Gym are on Thursdays 9:00am  •  Class is $30USD per person or 500 pesos*** 

See some videos from my private training sessions, classes, retreats and training camps  

Group Pulley Class


Booty Boot Camp

Booty Boot Camp

Group Circuit Classes

Retreat Games

Private Group Class

Beach Body Boot Camp

Circuit time

Full Body Coconut Warm Up Before Booty Boot Camp

Retreats and Private Group Bookings

I have a traveling kit bag that I take with me around the world to host fitness training camps for private groups. Ive worked in the past as a trainer for Fit and Fly Girl providing all of their sessions for their week-long retreats.

I tailor make training camps and retreats at Tulum Jungle Gym so if your interested in organising your own training camp them please get in touch with me for or further details.

I also am available for private group training sessions at Tulum Jungle Gym, your villa, or the hotel where you are staying while in Tulum, so please contact me if you would like more information on my private group training services and pricing. Please see reviews on Trip Advisor.


I have three ebooks available for you to download and purchase all with video demonstrations of all the exercises and stretches included.

Please visit my training plans page of a detailed description of whats included  


Beach Body Conditioning

This program is a full body 12 week training program that will designed for both men and women and will take your training and body to the next level.

It combines HIIT, endurance, functional and weighted workouts and is designed to shred fat, improve your conditioning, strength and performance as well as transforming your body so your ready to rock the beach anytime of year

Katies Booty Bootcamp  

The Booty Bootcamp Challenge is an 8-week program tailored to both men and women looking to get a bigger butt and stronger glute activation for lifting and competing. The program has a variety of exercises and training intensity variations to challenge your booty so that your muscle development doesn't plateau. There are overloading training techniques, speed variations to hit both the slow twitch and fast twitch muscles fibres. This challenge uses a series of different repetition ranges, set variations and equipment to stimulate growth, as well as a list of glute activation exercises using hip circles to activate, stimulate blood flow and grow the muscle fibres.  With a mixture of isolation, activation and compound exercises that keep your body guessing, you will see a dramatic transformation in the strength, size and shape of your butt at the end of the 8 weeks guaranteed.

Katie’s Metabolic Conditioning Program

My program gives you 20 hard hitting functional fat burning, met-con workouts that use structural and compound exercises that require maximum amounts of energy. These high-intensity metabolic workouts are designed to push your cardiovascular performance, burn fat and improve your endurance, speed and conditioning.  

The more we see progression the more motivated we become… prepared to be motivated to take your training to the next level

Thai & Deep Tissue Oil Massage


I am a fully qualified Thai and deep tissue masseuse and I offer 1 hour massages to alleviate aches and pains and to help with mobility issues.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage uses the gentle pressure on energy lines and the yoga-like stretching to relax the whole body, increase blood flow, release muscle fibers that are tight, improve mobility and range of movement. The partner stretch technique will help alleviate pain and improve flexibility while the pressure point palming of Thai Massage speeds and aids recovery of muscles.

Deep Tissue massage  

Whether you are an athlete or recovering from an injury, deep tissue massage could benefit you by helping to treat pain and discomfort. Deep tissue massage goes deeper into the muscle fibers than other massage techniques. It is both firmer and slower than the forms of oil massage in order to help stimulate blood flow and relieve tension.

***Please contact me to discuss your massage needs so that I may advise you as to which technique would be better suited to you and your needs. Deep Tissue massage $100 per hour Thai Massage $120 per hour ***